Doyce Boesch

Situated in the Washington, D.C. office, Doyce Boesch serves as a leading federal lobbyist for SGI Group. He specializes in political strategy, policymaking, strategic planning, and fundraising and, with nearly three decades of Washington, D.C. experience, he brings an extensive network of relationships and political acumen to the firm’s clients.

Prior to his activities as a lobbyist and advocate, Doyce served as executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Among his many duties there, Doyce was responsible for political strategy for all Republican Senators, raised more than $90 million, and initiated a weekly breakfast meeting at the White House with the deputy chief of staff and major business leaders.

Before he began his Washington career, he managed U.S. Senator Don Nickles’ initial campaign for the United States Senate in 1980 –an election which Senator Nickles won by the largest Republican majority in the history of the state of Oklahoma. Doyce then served as Senator Nickles’ chief of staff. He repeated his campaign director role in Senator Nickles’ successful 1986 reelection.

Doyce was the Senate liaison for both the Dole for President campaign (1996) and the Bush for President campaign (1988), and has also served as chairman of the Republicans Allied for Mutual Support, a group of former and current high-level government officials. He was selected in 1984 to be the director of the Warner/Nickles and Quayle/Nickles Golf and Tennis Classic, which annually raises approximately $1,000,000 for Republican senatorial campaigns.